Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Post Learning Music & how it's been a part of my life

I am a challenged musician. To quote Walt Ribeiro 'learning music is like a giant mountain and you have to chip away at it a bit at a time'. I am an inconsistent musician. My practices are few & far between & I get frustrated a lot.

I first took piano lessons when I was eight. I still have that piano today. In first grade I was in my first choir. I was in choirs up through high school, at which point I got mad about a public school singing religious songs in their choir & I dropped out. But by then I was taking guitar lessons in high school too, and then in college.

I was never a music major, deciding to focus on dance instead of music. The two are so interrelated that it seems silly to label them as separate. Oh, and I also took a snare class in high school. So I have had a fair bit of music theory. But even so, I've never felt like an accomplished musician. But lately I've decided to give music another try, and I've started this blog to talk about it.

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