Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guitar Pratice Another 20 min.

Today I got to play guitar for my grandson who came for a surprise visit.  He seemed to like it. Then again he's only 8 months old. So I think that gets me to the 1 hour mark. Only 999 hours to go.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guitar Day 2

Today I managed to play for 25 minutes before my fingers were screaming at me. I found a book of children's songs on my bookshelf so I can learn some songs to play to my grand-kids. I worked on making my fingers stronger for barre chords. I practiced scales. I'm annoyed that I can't read a music book anymore without glasses. That's inconvenient. But all the more reason to memorize the song.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guitar Practice

My new goal is to practice my guitar for 1000 hours. So I just did maybe 15 minutes until my finger pads got too sore to play. I need to find a widget that keeps track of my goal.

I found the widget, which you can see to the right. My 15 minutes barely shows up on it! 1000 hours equals 60,000 minutes. I also made a treasure page to inspire me which is here. These are the singers and musicians that I would be if I could be. Somehow I thought I'd have lives like theirs. But somewhere along the way I either ran out of talent or motivation or moral support. But I'm no quitter, so here I go again.