Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chat Log: Fear

This is a conversation I had in an IM. It gave me lots to think about myself as in Know Thyself. Reaching out for my goals has brought up all kinds of repressed feelings that are giving me nightmares. No wonder I haven't succeeded with all this gunk clogging up my brain.

4:29 Other Person : lol im like that right nwow, i can barley sit down but im bored somehow
04:29 zenchantress : do the thing you fear most and you will no longer be bored

04:30 Other Person : I don't know what my fear is.
04:31 zenchantress : I used to do hypnosis biggest fear is of having a show that flops
04:31 zenchantress : otherwise I'd be rich now
04:31 Other Person : lol
04:31 zenchantress : I would wake up in a cold sweat at 3 AM after a bad show
04:31 zenchantress : night terrors
04:31 zenchantress : so one of my biggest fears is the fear of being humiliated
04:32 zenchantress : its not like they kill you for doing a bad show
04:32 zenchantress : maybe they won't pay you
04:33 zenchantress : I'm not scared of the usual things like snakes or spiders
04:34 zenchantress : I have a very strong fear of rejection that gets in my way in music, entertaining, relationships and all types of performing

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